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Introduction to Cuff Cleaner Are you and your agency protected?
Cuff Cleaner's unique system design was first introduced when police officers began voicing concerns regarding handcuff liabilities. On going scrutiny of Law Enforcement agencies and civil litigation has brought about the need for a more effective method of cleaning handcuffs and restraints.

Clinical testing has shown that handcuffs are in fact an environment that does sustain life. Infectious diseases such as herpes, influenza, hepatitis, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), and other organisms can be transferred from one individual to the next through contaminated handcuffs.

With due-diligence becoming a way of life in the field of law enforcement, improved cleaning/disinfecting methods are a must. Through modern technology, Cuff Cleaner Inc. has combined various products to create a system to produce superior cleaning performance. This is a fast, simple, cost effective and proven disinfection process designed to protect law enforcement agencies, the apprehended, and the public.
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