How It Cleans
infection control on handcuffsCuff Cleaner Inc. has adopted similar technology to what is currently being used by individuals accountable for infection control within institutional settings. Decontamination of medical instruments, medical surfaces and restraints must be accomplished with similar confidence and proven results.

Cuff Cleaner Inc. combines the science of engineering and chemistry to create an incredible clean. Our cleaning unit creates ultra-high frequency sound waves, which are passed through the cuff cleaning solution. These sound waves produce high and low pressure waves within the cleaning solution, which rapidly form and collapse millions of tiny bubbles (or cavities). In the low-pressure phase, these microscopic size bubbles begin to grow and are compressed in the high-pressure phase causing the bubbles to implode. This imploding stage acts as a high-energy vacuum safely pulling debris, foreign matter and contaminates from the restraints. Cuff Cleaner Inc. combines this highly technical vacuum process with a powerful formulated disinfectant cleaner to create a perfect balance of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our cleaner is a ten-minute general virucide that leaves no active residue and eliminates the development of micro organisms and micro organism strains. This product biodegrades to water and can safely be discharged into almost any standard drainage system.

To use Cuff Clinic, simply drop the cuffs into the basket provided and immerse them in the Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution for the minimum 10 minutes. Remove the restraints, rinse, wipe dry, remove excess moisture with compressed air and lubricate hinges and internal locking mechanisms using Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil.

Please note that:

cuff cleaner Restraint discoloration and rusting could occur if restraints are left in the solution for an extended period of time;

After the water rinse it is imperative to completely dry restraint or rusting could occur;

Visible removal of soils should start almost immediately after the cleaning action begins;

During Cuff Cleaner Inc.’s effective cleaning and decontamination process, much of the lubricants may be removed and must be replaced;

Following approved practices and procedures will help ensure your restraints and cleaning units continue to function properly;

Other cleaning products will damage restraints and Cuff Clinics

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