Law Enforcement and Security Agencies
Police & Security Cuff CleanerA national problem exists with the lack of procedures related to the cleaning of restraining devices. Many law enforcement agencies and departments across North America do not have cleaning and disinfecting protocol/policies for handcuffs and restraints. In fact many agencies are not even complying with government legislation.

Handcuffs are used to restrain individuals associated with criminal activities, many of whom have been known to carry infectious diseases. Blood, vomit and other body fluids from these individuals can permeate the porous materials and mechanisms of the restraints. The unique design and usage of handcuffs provide organisms with an ideal breeding ground, making it virtually impossible to effectively clean restraints manually.

Police & Security Cuff CleanerRegular cleaning and disinfecting of restraining devices must take place, particularly after being in contact with arrested persons or immediately after obvious contamination has occurred. Police officers must have access to the Cuff Clinic 24 hours a day 7 days a week, due to the changing shifts and continuous work hours.

Note: Recruitment Centres, Police Academy’s, Military and Training Facilities have been known to use their own dirty handcuffs during training exercises. These activities only increase the chance of exposure and transfer of blood borne diseases just waiting for the opportunity to attack!

By adopting Cuff Cleaner, your agency will be at the forefront in promoting Officer Safety, Public Protection, along with satisfying Occupational Healthy and Safety (OH&S) requirements & (OSHA) Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
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