Why Clean?
why clean handcuffsLeg restraints and handcuffs are commonly used to restrain individuals associated with criminal activities. Many of these individuals have been known to carry herpes, MRSA, influenza, hepatitis, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), and other organisms. It is not unusual to have apprehended individuals struggle, causing restraints to be applied under violent circumstances. This behavior leads to over-tightening of handcuffs and subsequently creates trauma around the wrists causing bleeding which in turn contaminates the handcuffs. Other areas of concern include those individuals that are already injured and bloodied or individuals with self-inflicted injuries. (This is the most common scenario)

Leg restraints and handcuffs are made of various metals. The unique design and usage of restraints provides organisms with an ideal breeding ground, as many of the mechanisms have blind areas. Blood, vomit, and other body fluids permeate the restraints and make it virtually impossible to effectively clean handcuffs manually. Cuff Cleaner Inc's system of cleaning and disinfecting is proven to be more effective than any other conventional or manual methods due to our full emersion method.
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